Zach Morris is the mastermind behind the Paradox, a concept project envisioned to showcase everything that visually makes sense, yet somehow doesn't.

He has always had an incredible eye for imagery, experimenting with mobile photography as far back as late 2016. Things really kicked into gear when he began utilizing DSLR in 2021. To this day, he continues to prove that limits do not exist for what can be done with a camera.

Originally from South Florida, Zach now resides near Orlando where he studies Aerospace Engineering at the University of Central Florida. In his time there, he has gained a reputation for breathing life into the local launch photography scene, being recognized and featured by UCF over thirty times, including in a published magazine.

This project is built on mystery and anti-tradition: doing things that were meant for something else, taking old ideas and twisting them into an entirely new realm of imagery. Yet still, the Paradox is more than just a concept. Come along for this journey into the new age of photography, and see what this is all about.

Your eyes are tricking you... let them.
Established 02/1?/21

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